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Diana, Princess of Wales

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is the 14th anniversary of the Diana's death, and I so I have thrown together a few, but not nearly all, of my favorite outfits she showcased over the years.  I rarely mention her on this blog, partly because the blog is about Kate and partly because the strange and bizarre angles that multiple media sources often take have made any mention of Diana almost distasteful.  It is unfortunate, because a happy celebration of her caring nature and beautiful clothes should not be a seen as the stamp of crazy!

One of my favorite hats from Diana, this striking turban is absolutely stunning on the Princess. She lined her eyes in blue as well, and wore her sapphire and diamond stud earrings. A perfect ensemble!

A later look from Diana, I have always loved this glamorous dress, and daring neckline, and the sister dress to this in blue is towards the end of the post.  Notice the pleats on the straps?

This is a double score, both the dress and tiara are super favorites of mine.  I know it is often called the Elvis dress, but I overlook that.  Pearls are so beautiful, too.  Sigh.

The sand of the desert and the tan and muted colors of this outfit are fabulous together!  Her sapphire engagement ring sparkled as the lone color in the ensemble.  The images of her wandering through the ruins are quite striking!

This is one of her best known photos.  As Charles took to the TV to declare his infidelity to the world, she donned this little black dress, the iconic Princess of Wales sapphires, and looked radiant and undefeated.

Pretty in pink!

Diana meets His Holiness Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in the traditional black mantilla.  Her blond coloring is remarkably lovely with the black lace.

I love the detail on the bodice, the scoop-like neck, and of course, the Wales sapphires. 

Jimmy Choo tried to dissuade Diana from wearing such towering heels when she was already 5'10", but she confidently chose to have them made high anyway, and was clearly vindicated.

Beautiful blue, and a square neckline of the later years.

This is a lovely suit, most of all, though, it is a beautiful and comforting photo.  Princess Diana and Mother Teresa had a strong friendship probably fostered by their mutual love of the broken and needy.  It has been some time since I had these facts surely at my finger tips, but if memory serves, Mother Teresa and Diana saw each other twice the year she died.  Once earlier and then again not long before the fatal crash.  When news of Diana's accident spread across the globe, Mother Teresa and her nuns rose and spent the night in prayer for the fading Diana.  This is certainly a story that should lend peace and comfort to all who admired and loved the Princess of Wales. Mother Teresa followed Diana in death less than a week later.

Time to Watch The Queen!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It is late August, the Queen is still at Balmoral and August 31st will mark the 14th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in the Pont d'Alma crash. This is the perfect time to re-watch The Queen if it is an old favorite, or for the first time if this movie somehow slipped under your radar screen.  Expertly acted, it tells the story of the crisis the Monarchy faced in the days following Diana's death.  I really love this movie and it is refreshingly bereft of bias, always leaving the viewer wondering what the director actually thinks.  

When the movie was originally released there was much flurry about the real Queen, would she watch it, would she not?  Then there were the stories that she had had a private screening, etc. Apparently, Mirren had met the Queen before the filming, although not in relation to it, and after her Oscar win she was invited to Buckingham Palace for tea, but was forced to decline due to a scheduling conflict.  Then, at Royal Ascot in 2008, she was reported to have finally had tea with Her Majesty. It seems strange that the Queen would invite Mirren to tea but not watch the movie in which Mirren portrayed her, but several months ago an Australian paper reported that Tony Blair claimed that the Queen made it very clear to him that she had not watched the film and she expected him to follow her lead.  Even Michael Sheen (portrayed Tony Blair) claimed he had it from a reliable source that neither Blair nor the Queen would watch it.  Who knows. I think if someone won an Academy Award for portraying me I would watch the performance...

Whoever else has watched it or not, make sure you grab some tea and maybe some chocolate biscuit cake, and indulge yourself!

William and Kate's Date Night.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoying the simple things.

You have heard the rumors and they are true.  William and Kate were at the cinema last Tuesday for a little couple's date night.  Just like any other movie-goer, they went casual and Kate was wearing light skinny jeans and those famous slingback wedges.  These are some grainy photographs taken by a distant admirer.  Someone had at first doubted it was the famous pair because no one was running up and asking for autographs.  The pictures are fairly conclusive, though, and I think it is fantastic that the two can have a quiet night without being approached.

William and Kate were spotted here not long after their wedding, and it was rumored at the time that William had wanted to see Transformers, but Kate won out and they watched Bridesmaids instead. Perhaps, this was his turn with the UK's newly released Inbetweeners.  

Pippa Middleton's Busy End to August

Yes, I have most definitely decided to pool Pippa photos until that time when she is not spotted every day.  She works in London, so it should be easy to get photos of her whenever the fancy takes photographer.

Brief recap: on Wednesday she was in London in a very cute black dress and blazer.  The jacket is fantastic; I really like this outfit.

"Yes, it is I, Pippa, First Bridesmaid of the Land!" Photo JustJared

Everyone knows that Thursday is an awesome night to party.  Close to the weekend and gives you a last minutes boost to get through Friday.  It seems Pippa feels that way too, it was raining Thursday when she and boyfriend, Alex Loudon, emerged from Public in the wee hours of the morning.  Alex, famed for his reticence from the camera, was in no mood to be snapped, but Pippa, an old timer, took it in her perfect stride.  Some people hate publicity, but there are those in this world who thrive on it.  Pippa is most definitely the latter.  (I don't think that is necessarily a problem, but I think it is fairly evident with Pippa.)

Pippa Middleton leaving Public. Photo Zimbio

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon. Photo Zimbio

You may recognize the dress, it is from July 14, post here, and she has added a shiny clutch and this studded jacket.  

After her late night, the Duchess's sister was once again spotted grabbing her morning java in another dark trench with tan piping.  I don't know about this piece! It's...edgy. ;)  I don't think I would leap to it on the rack, but she pulls it together very well, with the complimentary colors of the dress peeking out beneath the coat's hem, and the nude flats and bag. 

Coffee and pastry for Pippa. Photo Celebrity Gossip.




Pippa in Rainy London

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More of Pippa! For a number of reasons, I almost prefer amassing Pippa sightings and then putting them all into one chronological post, as I have in the past... Barring massive public outcry, I might go back to that.  But, until then-- Pippa in London, brolly in tow.  I love the trench coat and bag.  Thanks to cloudy weather--presumably--she is also sans sunglasses!  Interesting to note that although at others times these shoes on Pippa have not been as flattering as one might hope, the length of the trench here seems perfect to negate that this time around. The shoes work here!

Pippa Pulls off the Maxi Dress!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pippa Middleton via PopSugar

Pippa has once again been photographed in London, this time wearing a light and airy maxi dress in delicate pink. It is a very feminine dress topped off with a trendy white jacket and peep-toe wedges.  She certainly loves her sunglasses and these aviators have been seen plenty!

In atrocious news, Lindsay Lohan wore to the Kardashian extravaganza the same dress that Pippa wore to Will and Kate's reception.  The DM reports that Pippa had it customized in green and added some embellishments to the back.  Suffice it to say, there is no need for a "who wore it best" poll on this one. See DM article here

Lindsay Lohan via Daily Mail

Pippa Middleton via Daily Mail

Kate and Pippa Walk the Llanddwyn Beach!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kate and Pippa were spotted earlier this weekend walking the beach on Llanddwyn Island, on the south side of Anglesey, Wales. It is called an island, but actually is only cut off at highest tide!  I can't be sure, but it certainly seems like the man in matching wellies behind the sisters is Pippa's boyfriend, Alex Loudon.  Pippa and Kate look to be having some fun chat time and the whole party is smiling and relaxed.  Kate, who has at times opted not to wear her striking Wales sapphire engagement ring, can be seen to have it on today. Another famous friend, although not so famous as her ring, is the lovely cowl necked sweater she wore before the wedding.  I loved it then and I love it now! This is the perfect example of dressing a piece up and dressing it down, and also a perfect example of how nice Kate looks even for a walk on the beach!

Kate Middleton leaves home and heads for her wedding in London
Last minute preparations before the big day! 

While I spent most of the day travelling, HRHDuchessKate's blog put some hard work into IDing the various pieces Kate wore today, so if you want to know more about them, I encourage you to check out her blog!

I think I read sometime last year that wherever Kate and Wills have their farmhouse, it has access to a private beach.  It isn't a confirmed story, but it does not seem terribly unlikely.  I spend prodigious amounts of time staring at the water soaking up the peace and beauty a beach affords, so I would need a private beach if I were the Duchess of Cambridge.  I don't see why Kate wouldn't need one too.  All that to say, this looks to be a bit of a family sightseeing trip.  I have absolutely no idea who the younger looking girl is, but she seems to be part of the Ducal party.  Does Alex have a sister who was craving some Princess Time?  

I am disappointed that there were no pictures featuring Kate and showcasing a little more of the stunning surroundings.  As you can see, it is quite beautiful.  So much for the Kate photo drought.  So far so good!

Kate Wears McQueen in Birmingham.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kate Wears McQueen. Photo: Zimbio

It is not news to point out that McQueen reigns supreme these days in Kate's fashion wardrobe.  I would almost go so far as to say that McQueen is to post wedding, as Issa was to pre-engagement.  I only hesitate because the lack of time over which to test longevity--Issa dominated for some years.  Nevertheless, the Duchess has obviously favored her wedding dress label, and who can blame her given the creations she has stepped out in!  The McQueens have been among the loveliest we have seen, starting with her wedding gown, the Trooping of the Color jacket, the fantastic military coat that made SuperStar look, the sailor dress from PEI, and last but not least the stunning evening gown she wore to BAFTA.

McQueen on Armed Forces Day

McQueen at BAFTA

McQueen at PEI

McQueen at Trooping

The Ultimate McQueen at Westminster Abbey April 29th.

This is a little different, though, from the other McQueens.  One interesting element whenever Kate steps out in McQueen is how much more Kate Middleton it is than Haute Couture, and I say that as a very good thing.  Kate seems to find or alter her choices to match her taste and the outcome has never been less than stunning.  This is the edgiest we have seen Kate, and I have mixed feelings.  I love the slit of the skirt, adds a fantastic feminine vibe and discreetly shows off her amazing legs!  Would it have been better to choose one or the other of the military pieces and pair it with something low key rather than two of these competing elements?  

When I first saw today's outfit on the feed my initial reaction was negative, and I doubt I would have given this look a second glance on anyone else.  Because it is Kate, I suspected that slowly, after seeing more pictures, it would grow on me until I liked it.  And indeed it has.   Has the outfit itself grown on me, or have I associated it with Kate's loveliness and come out liking it, I am not sure.  This outfit doesn't make SuperStar look, you already knew that, but it isn't going with the dreadful Birthday dress.  

To all those naysayers who snicker and sneer at Kate's fashion sway this is proof positive--if you needed more--that Kate can garner interest for more than just the "safe" choices.  Kate can make me, and many others, stop and give an outfit a fifth look-over that I would normally not have given a first, which is no small accomplishment.  I will say it is different, we saw so many structured sheath like dresses on the NA tour that, beautiful as they were, perhaps we were all ready for a bit of zing.  Every now and again, I think that is just fine.  

Apologies that this is rushed; I am (should be) frantically packing to leave town for the weekend.  I will be checking in on Berk to Buck, so feel free to give me your thoughts here or on Twitter!
Lovely weekend to you all!