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Kate and Wills Open New Ward

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smiling Duchess of Cambridge. September 29, 2011

Per schedule, Kate and William were at the Royal Marsden Hospital to open a new wing and visit with the children. As I had thought, Kate did not recycle and instead arrived in a yet unseen Amanda Wakeley.  The sheath dress is her work attire of choice as we saw fully developed in the NA Tour and this is certainly one of its simplest forms!  Kate is clearly sticking with her current neutral color palette, but rumor has it she purchased this in two others colors, red and a gunmetal.

Although, Kate has been in London, William had just completed a 24 hour RAF shift and so arrived at the hospital sleepless!  You may have already known, but Princess Diana was the cancer hospital's president, the title William now holds.  It was also Diana's first solo engagement, so there was no doubt a certain sentimentality to the day.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are Greeted September 29th.

Kate has worn this lovely cross pendant with some regularity and you can find a similarly styled pendant for sale at Gemvara in several colors if you just have to have one of your own!

Gemvara's cross pendant

They say that when you spend enough time with a person you begin to develop their habits and mannerisms.  I think this might be the case with Kate today when we saw the helping hand yet again, just this time from Kate!

Below is a fun video recap of the event as well as a video of fairly raw footage of the walk-about:

That's all for now, folks, real life is keeping me pretty busy these days.
'Till more Kate news surfaces...

Kate's Got a Helping Hand, too!

Kate Shopping at Topshop!

Monday, September 26, 2011

When I was in London last I just assumed that I wouldn't be seeing anyone special.  As I stood near Buckingham Palace a motorcade came past and I am fairly sure I caught a glimpse of the Duke of Edinburgh inside...pretty sure--that was it.  But, for one lucky Tweeter, her trip to London landed her in line at Topshop behind the Duchess of Cambridge herself!

@GetWhatKateWore says that had she been paying attention she could have seen Kate's pin number when she checked out, that is how close she was!   Below is the story generally sketched by her tweets:

I am linking to her facebook page at the bottom of the post for those who want to follow up!

@GetWhatKateWore says that Kate was wearing the same jeans and boots from the pictures that came from her salon trip, and the Katherine Hooker jacket that she wore with at the Cheltenham Festival right before her 2007 split from William.

Then Kate Middleton and William at the Cheltenham Festival. 2007 

Apparently, Kate bought the below jacket as well as a polka dot skirt and earrings.

If there was doubt before, this picture of Kate leaving the salon clears it up.  She is accompanied here by her female security guard we have seen since her engagement.

Thrilled that pictures are indeed recent and that Kate is wearing the suede boots again!  As you know, I was really worried we wouldn't be seeing those again, but Kate hasn't changed too much.  :)  I am fairly sure she is wearing Aquatalia by Marvin K, since I have the same pair in brown.  She wore these often in the run up to her wedding last spring.

Check out WhatKateWore's Facebook page for more updates on the polka dot skirt and any other news she has about rubbing shoulders with royalty!

New Kate Pictures: Are these Recent Shots?

Well, Us Magazine has printed shots of Kate leaving the salon AND THROUGH the glass getting her hair done!  They feel a little more up-to-date to me.  I think these are shots from her recent trip to the salon.  The photos are from an agency, not just kind of circulating the internet and it makes sense that after Kate was seen entering and didn't emerge for four hours that someone would have hurried over for a photo. I do think it's strange she would have had her hair done right by the window, but maybe it was just some photographer's lucky day.   Lastly, and this is purely based on feelings, the vibe is more recent Kate than the last.  I vote yes.  What do you think?  Either way, she looks absolutely glowing!

Photos from Xposure via Us Magazine.

The Pippa Middleton Fashion Show: Mid-September.

Ok, time for that Pippa post.  She goes to work, she gets photographed, you know the deal.  It is an interesting if seemingly unending fashion show.  Some great hits and some major misses.  So, let's get caught up keeping in mind a few dates might be off.

September 13th: From a distance, the skirt kind of looks like the print on my brother's pajamas when we were eight.  I mean on closer inspection they are flowers, but you see what I am saying.  Like the jacket, not a fan of the ruffle on the skirt.

September 14th.  Love the dress, like the jacket, but no to the boots.  Kate wore similar style boots to the Anglesey boat christening, but she wore them with stockings.  Somehow it just worked better for me then. 

I loved it even better when she took the jacket off a little later.  The dress is a bit reminiscent of the Joseph dress Kate wore to the opening of her bridal gown display.

September 15th.  Big score if a little on the short side. Lace is definitely popular and I love the bag matching the shoes.

September 16th.  More casual look from the day before.  I am already on record regarding the jeans, not a fan.  Hmm, London Fur Company...  I wonder if PETA will send Pips a letter, too. :) (PETA wrote Kate about William's birthday gift to Harry.)

September 19th was a highlight.  Pippa was front row at the Temperley show at LFW.  The dress is super cute standing up, but way too short for sitting front row so a wardrobe malfunction ensued.  (Which I am not going to show.)   She looked lovely and her hair was very, very curly and cute and Pippa was all smiles.   

September 20th.  Casual and back to work in leopard print.  I am on a bit of an animal print kick right now myself, so I can definitely work with this.

September 22nd.  Absolute favorite of this batch.  Pippa looks like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog and it is fantastic.  Everything is perfect, the brown with the beige, the orange purse and high boots--she looks great!  See creepy photographer behind her in second photo...

September 23rd.  Pippa looks ready for Halloween in what looks like the boots from earlier in the week and the infamous jeans.  

And lastly, Pippa was at the wedding that Kate and William attended and she was with her boyfriend, Alex!  They looked great together and lots of friends are saying that they will be making the trip up the aisle next.  We spent years saying the same thing about Kate and William, so I am going to just wait until there is an announcement to get too exited.  There is only so much energy.

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon. Ikon Pictures via Daily Mail
Not to leave you without some Kate chatter.  People are pretty worked up about the four hours that Kate spent at the salon the day before this wedding.  Four hours doesn't strike me as all that long when you consider what a normal straight forward cut and dry takes at the average salon.  Particularly if Kate is getting subtle highlights, as many speculate.

Also, reports are saying the Anna Wintour is really pulling out the stops to get Kate on the cover of Vogue.  No surprise there, who wouldn't!  Let's all wish Anna luck in this endeavor!  

Inside Wedding Details from William.

Not to be a Daisy Downer, but my suspicions on the timeline of the earlier photos of Kate were justified when Tee, one of my readers, confirmed the photos were taken in December of last year not this month in Hungerford.  That certainly explains away several of the peculiarities regarding the photos.

Meanwhile, there have been a slew of very fun stories about the Duke and Duchess. Apparently, William requested Arthur Edwards take a shot of the newlyweds kissing on the balcony.  I don't know if he was worried none of the other hundreds of photographers covering him throughout the day would get the minute details, but perhaps he wanted it just so.  It certainly shows a charmingly average side to William.  What couple wouldn't want a perfect shot of their wedding day kiss on an historic balcony with thousands cheering below.  Good call, Will.

The second news story you have to read for yourself, if you haven't already done so.  Prince William talked about his grandmother, cute little details of the wedding planning.  Robert Hardman from the Daily Mail had written a book, Our Queen, for her upcoming Jubilee and spoke with prince William in rather unprecedented interviews.  The Mail has reprinted part of the book and it is a pleasure to read, see it here.

The post on Pippa is coming...

Kate Wears Red at Another Wedding! [Updated Photo]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Update]  This full front shot is so pretty.  The dress just gets lovelier and lovelier to me.

Well, we were all breathlessly waiting for this coming Thursday for our next Kate sighting, and we got a bit of an early treat.  Kate showed up as a guest at a wedding of close friends in a stunning red lace dress.  This dress hits way up the charts for me.  It certainly has been the year of lace for Kate, hasn't it?  She stunned us all in her phenomenal wedding dress and followed that strongly with several lace embellished dresses on the Canadian tour. I am a major fan! She has worn this genre of fascinator many times.  It is lightly reminiscent of that maple leafed concoction from Canada Day, and also reminds me of the black fascinator she wore to several weddings back in the 2005 times.  It is in no way eye-catching, which is good since the dress is busy enough in its own right.

Duchess of Cambridge. Ikon Pictures via Daily Mail

Kate never used to wear visible platforms--I actually laughed at Lifetime's inauthentic costuming for that, but it is interesting to see her style evolve.  I love platforms, so I am pleased, and she looks great.  They look colored to me, I know in another shot they seem black, but honestly they seem to have depth to me.

Kate Middleton in red Issa. Via Daily Mail.

I haven't seen her wear something so striking to a wedding since the last time she wore red in 2010 at another friend's nuptials.  Usually we all like to point out how sensitive she is to the bride's spotlight by wearing a low-key or recycled piece.  Ultimately, I suppose you can only go low key so many times, and only recycle so many outfits when you are the Duchess of Cambridge.  Maybe it is as simple as Kate wears what suits her and what she is comfortable in.  I am sure there was a concerted effort at Zara's wedding not to steal the spotlight.  As the more prominent royal bride of the year, I think that was quite appropriate in that instance.  For all other cases, Kate is going to shine no matter what, so if I were a bride I would just as soon have her wear something stunning that people refer back to as not, she will make front-page either way.

Kate, 2010 in Issa

All that to say that the last time she wore red she hit my SuperStar looks with the dress.  When I shop for a wedding that is the goal I shoot for...and never reach.  Somewhere in my packed moving boxes is the issue of Hello! from that event, and am I glad I purchased it, because for some reason the pictures are incredibly sparse!  I can barely find them anywhere.  So above are several hard won images for your viewing pleasure. She was stunning at this wedding, in what I remember as yet another of her many Issa dresses.

Duchess in Red via Daily Mail
This most recent dress is, frankly, almost as stunning, the hair is more proffesionally coiffed, the heels trendier, but all the marks of the Kate of old.

So excited to see what she wears Thursday!

'Till next time...

Kate Middleton 2010

Kate on September 29, and Favorite Designers...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obvious newsflash to highlight. Kate and William will be opening a ward for young cancer patients at the Royal Marsden Hospital on September 29th, so keep your eyes peeled for a post on whatever Kate waers next.

Today, Clarence House tweeted an update on the Duchess's plans, the full press release can be read here.  I have also heard the rumor that the new royal couple have been scheduled for one official event a month until the end of the year, and given I can think of several likely events in November and December, that does not seem terribly surprising.  

Meanwhile, the fashion world has been quite the phenomenal blur.  For Kate fashion fans, LFW was the most important, of course, but two of her favorite designers showed in New York.  Let us do a very quick fashion recap.  The fun kicked off at NYFW where Jenny Peckham showed her Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  As you remember, Kate has worn JP several times, first wowing the world with the ARK Gala dress and then again the in Santa Barbara for William's polo match.  So many of the flowing creations were Duchess worthy, and the lightly scalloped and v-shaped necklines reminded me of Kate's wedding dress.  

This skirt is a little bold for Kate, but can you imagine? 

Jenny Packham

This white lace dress reminds me of both of the lace dress she wore to the book signing with Pippa and a little Royal Wedding in there too:

Jenny Packham

Kate has not been shy about showing some cleavage in the past, but life changes when you become a princess.  Even so, with some light alterations this is quite Kate as well:

Jenny Packham

Any number of dresses from the collection could be altered to suit Kate, of course.  Some would just need length to make them the perfect evening wear she seems to favor.

It isn't much of a secret that I am not a McQueen fan and I didn't find the collection shown very compelling.  That being said some of my favorite Kate looks are McQueen!  I pay little attention to the runway and wait to see how Kate works her magic on the label she takes from drab to fab.

Moving to LFW,  Erdem had a stunning collection!  Beautiful blues and delicate fabrics, perfect in so many ways, it really was a hit for me!  Burberry showed some lovely classic coats--of course--and feminine skirts.  Issa, the one time golden girl, and now maybe-in-maybe-out designer showed another great collection with one dress in particular hearkening back to older days.  This pink Issa is so close to the Issa Kate wore to the Boodles Boxing Ball one year and is featured in the SuperStar! Looks.  Don't you think?  I mean, Kate looked happier in it, but the similarity still stands...


This, too, was reminiscent in color and style to one of Kate's other evening dresses:

Pippa was front row at Temperley's show and all smiles in one of the label's dresses.  The collection itself had some stunning pieces and some less stunning.  A mixed bag is obviously usual for many of these shows.  More update on Pippa later, she has been so busy she deserves a post of her own... 

Pippa Middleton at LFW. Photo Zimbio.

Kate and William Grouse Hunting with Charles and Camilla

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Duchess of Cambridge. Hungerford shopping trip?  From

More stories of William and Kate's ongoing holiday in Scotland.  A girl on Twitter, whose father owns the estate that the royals rent to go grouse shooting, tweeted she had met Kate, William, Charles, and Camilla yesterday, all four of whom were out on the moor to shoot. 

Meanwhile, there are a few pictures of Kate that surfaced and were allegedly taken when she was shopping with her family a week or so ago in Hungerford, Berkshire. is where I found the shots, and you should check out their story for a few more details.  

Duchess of Cambridge.  See for more details...

She is wearing her engagement ring, so if this is from September, and not some unknown shot from earlier this year before the wedding, you can guess why I am excited.  Kate is wearing boots, which we haven't seen on her since before her marriage!  Frankly, this photo is very Kate Middleton circa 2005.  Hair loose, suede boots, black sweater with tie.  I love it and it would be interesting if when she is comfortable and just hanging with her family she reverts to her pre-royal style.  

Lastly, a reader at What Kate Wore posted this photo from the same day.  

Honestly, not everything about these photos adds up to me, but perhaps I have become too skeptical. I will keep you updated on any more details about the photos if they emerge...