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Kate Wears Peace and Love Shirt Dress

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No really great pictures emerged from today's reception at Buckingham Palace, so it is a little tough to get the full feeling of Kate's dress.  This seems one of those fashion choices that could use a full shot to its advantage.  As it stands, I am not a huge fan.  It's the peace sign pattern on the dress.  No on so many levels.  It has been suggested, and I choose to accept this interpretation, that Kate was subtly messaging the press, for whom the reception was given.  That seems to mitigate the seemingly bad choice a little, but but even so...

The dress as advertised on the Mulberry website is not appealing in itself, but often Kate transforms even the most unpromising items; this didn't make the cut.  It is just trying to incorporate too many trends and falls considerably short. Usually when Kate wears something I am not instantly wild about it gradually grows on me.  The more I look at this dress, the happier I am there were only several shots.

If you hadn't heard, the DM ran a story on Kate making a private visit to a school a week or so ago. There was a grainy cellphone snap taken by an onlooker.  She is dressed down in jeans and a cowl necked sweater.  See article here.

The reports from this evening were all very positive.  Apparently, the Duchess was relaxed and smiling, friendly and very chatty.  Whatever the drawbacks of the dress, that color is fantastic on her and she was glowingly lovely.

Casual Kate Shopping at Zara

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kate on November 18th. Via

I like these candid shots almost more than I like official engagements.  Kate on down time and getting some shopping in at Zara.  Fabulous black ensemble, including boots, and she is lookin' good.  She seems to like wearing black to shop, remember the Issa dress a few weeks before the wedding? 

There were only two shots, but they will do!  In case you missed the news, Kate and William will be joining Charles and Camilla at the Royal Albert Hall on the 6th of December for a charity concert.  Also, isn't it fun to see Kate on covers in the grocery store again, even if the stories seem a bid ludicrous?


Remembrance Sunday 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Royal Family observed Remembrance Day as usual this year at the Cenotaph at Whitehall in London.  The spouses all stood on the balcony of the Foreign Office and observed.  Kate looked appropriately somber in her choice of attire, while still continuing to push her fashion line a little farther.  This hat is quite unusual.  It reminds me of hats from the Scarlet Pimpernel or a toned down hat from The Duchess.  This Duchess pulls it off very well and it really highlights her youth, which is also nice.

Kate also got a little creative with her traditional poppy this morning, sporting two buds rather than the usual one we have seen her in.  The problem with these balcony events is that you never get the effect of the whole outfit.  This is the DVF coat on a model which should give you an idea, but just from the shots it is clear that Kate is continuing her penchant for double-breasted coats.  

Royal Spouses

Yesterday, Kate and William attended a meeting of  the Prince's Charities to get an update on what's going on with Prince Charles's various patronages.  Only several pictures were released via the British Monarchy's Flickr account, but she was wearing a dark blazer from Zara.

The Daily Mail reported today that William may be stationed in Scotland in 2013.  The post is RAF Lossiemouth which is fairly far north!  A lot can happen in two years time, but it will be interesting to keep on eye on this story.  Read the full report from the DM here

Lossiemoth (pin A) is above Balmoral.
Meanwhile, the news of Pippa's split from Alex Loudon is shocking the male world as friends claim it was Alex Loudon who broke off the relationship. Middleton girls do have a habit of getting back together, so let's wait a little while before writing the obituary.  Either way, as the country song says, she won't be lonely long.

Thanks for reading.  Have a beautiful and fashion-filled week!

Fashion Forward Kate

Friday, November 11, 2011

Full of laughter, Duchess of Cambridge on November 10. Via Daily Mail.

Kate's BAFTA dress was Grecian, this is a bit of something else.  In a custom made Jenny Packham, tonight seemed to be Kate pushing her fashion comfort zone.  This is certainly edgy for the Duchess, who in the past has shown a delight in patterns of symmetry and geometry.  Not only is this dress asymmetrical, her hair is interestingly one sided as well.  This actually isn't a huge hit with me.  Perhaps for a different event it would have gone over better, or if she had her hair up in an elaborate do that added formality, but to me she kind of looks like she has stepped out of the shower.  She looks beautiful, but out of place.  Or if the extra bit of fabric wasn't floating about on the side... Maybe the hair and dress together are throwing me off.  I can't love it every time--that would just get tiresome.  Still this beautiful picture from the Daily Mail is perfect.  Beautiful lighting of the laughing Duchess.

It was also confirmed today that William will be posted to the Falklands in 2012 for February and March.  Pretty convenient timing, he won't miss Kate's first Christmas at Sandringham, nor New Year's with his new wife, and will even be home to celebrate Kate's birthday on January 9th.  Other than Valentine's Day, nothing ever happens those two months anyway.  This isn't some terrible parting, plenty of wives suffer longer and harder separations when their spouses are deployed.  Nor does this definitely settle the question of Kate's pregnancy.  It seems she could get along without him for a few months in either condition.

Next up, William and Kate on November 13th for Remembrance Day.

Royals in Denmark to Aid UNICEF [Updated Interview]

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Right off the bat, yay for gorgeous red coats and beautiful boots.  Today's visit to Copenhagen in Denmark saw Kate and William on a joint trip with another popular royal couple, Crown Prince and Princess Frederik and Mary of Denmark.  If you are not familiar with the Danish Royals let me give you a quick run down to get you up to speed.

Mary Donaldson becomes Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Mary Donaldson was born and raised in Australia the daughter of a math professor and his wide, both originally from Scotland.  During the 2000 Summer Olympics, Crown Prince Frederik met Mary at a bar in Sydney.  They began a long distance relationship and in 2001 she moved to Europe where they continued to quietly date.  They were engaged in 2003 and were married in 2004.   

Their children are Prince Christian and Princess Isabella:

And most recently, their twins born in January of this year, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine:

Frederik's mother is Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.  Whereas William is second in line to the throne after the Prince of Wales, Frederik is Crown Prince and will be King when his mother passes away.  Still, certainly some similarities between the two couples. 

Mary is ten years older than Kate, but they both are known for their classic style sense and fashion choices as well as having middle class roots in common.  Princess Mary looked more business like today at the UNICEF facility, but in her deep winter red, I think Kate stole the show.

Princess Mary is wearing slacks in contrast to Kate's usual dress/skirt choice.  I wonder if Kate will move to occasionally wear slacks to official engagements...

Surprisingly, we heard from the Duchess today in a brief interview the four royals held with the press.  Much has been made of this clip and many think she did not do well.  I thought it was a rocky response, but to jump to any conclusions from that is hasty at best.  Interviews are very stressful, particularly when so much of the world will be watching and critiquing, and Kate knows how many of us are watching! She is obviously a smart girl, we know that because of her honors at university, her handling of herself, the fact that William--a smart man--was attracted to her, and from her engagement interview.  She just needs practice and to gain some ease with the position.  Give her time!  Clearly, Kate was shy as a Middleton and is still shy as a royal. 

[@liltinglimes sent me a link to the full video.  Kate was asked several questions and fielded them with lovely composure.  Most of the videos floating around only contained the clip of the response she stumbled the most on, a few too many "I thinks" and just a real feeling of tension.  When everything is together, though, she sounds just fine for an impromptu interview.  Again, this should not be a surprise given the engagement interview in which she was so good.  See full video here.]

Video with Kate's Response  (Note, this clip has been edited from the original version of her response.)

Kate and Mary seemed to get on very well.  There were too many to pick from, below, though, are some favorites.  See more pictures of William and Kate from today in The Cambridge Couple

Next event is the November 10th dinner. 
See you then!