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Photos of Kate from Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am officially on vacation right now, but I have to briefly break from break to post these great shots of Kate on Christmas Eve.  William played a game of soccer the night before Christmas, and Harry and Kate were along to cheer him on.

 Although blurry, they all highlight a happy Duchess right in her element.  Remember where you have seen this look before?  In 2005, Kate wore a very similar get-up (mostly thinking hat) to Gatcombe Park.  These recent photos now have a very vintage 2005 feel to them.

Kate 2005

Kate 2005
Even with the similarities, her subtle change in style, or perhaps simply the sophistication of experience, do differentiate Kate Middleton from our present Duchess.

One last little treat for you as we roll toward the New Year.  @JordonLee on Twitter sent me this great video he put together.  A fun collage of pictures from this year--and some from before--highlighting Kate's star-studded year.  I love how the video begins with the engagement announcement and REALLY love the end as she "walks down the aisle and into history."  Thanks for sharing, Jordon!

If Kate isn't out an about between now and 2012 this will be the last post of 2011.  Happy New Year to you all!  It has been so much fun watching Kate and Royal history happen this very momentous year.  Looking forward to enjoying so much more with you all in 2012!

Kate's First Christmas at Sandringham

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Royal Sandringham Christmas 2011 

11am Christmas Service 
It was a full Christmas day for the Windsors.  

Walk to early morning private service

The Royals kicked the day off with a 9am private service at the church near Sandringham.  Kate was wearing those fabulous Aquatalia's paired with a grey coat.  As many of you have no doubt heard, Prince Philip spent Christmas in the hospital recovering after having a coronary stent surgery.  Looks like it was an idyllic country morning.

Her cousin-in-law, Princess Beatrice, chats with Kate.

Although we usually look for William's helping hand" every now and again we see it from Kate!  @Britishroyals shared this great photo on Twitter:

Later in the day, the family walked to the 11am service in more Christmas finery.  Kate wore a deep burgundy purple for the second service and a striking hat that was in the similar fashion tradition of Remembrance Day.  Kate is proving herself to be quite creative in the hat department.  I don't think you can say she plays it safe here, but a score nonetheless.

Huge crowds turned out to see the newest edition to the Royal Family.
The family greeted the unusually large crowd of well wishers before returning to the House for Christmas lunch.  These next two shots give a better look of the back of the hat as well as Kate's shoes and awesome clutch.

Around 4pm, the grandchildren went to the hospital to visit their grandfather.

Traditionally, the Royal Family gathers to watch the Queen's pre-recorded Christmas Address to the Nation. If you missed it, view it here:

I am really hoping we will have some sort of shot of Kate's Boxing Day outfit for the shoot, but we will see...
Wishing you all a very merry and blessed Christmas.

Centrepoint: Kate Goes Classic in Ralph Lauren

Thursday, December 22, 2011

William and Kate visited Centrepoint this afternoon.  Kate wore a figure hugging turtleneck sweater dress by Ralph Lauren with her signature suede boots.  Several people have mentioned that it seems Ralph Lauren is a new addition to Kate's wardrobe, but let's hold on a second.  Kate pre-marriage days, essentially fresh out of University Kate, was a classical Ralph Lauren model.  Some pieces may have been Katherine Hooker or other labels, but Kate has been a Ralph Lauren girl for years.  This isn't so much a new trend as a return to her fashion roots.  If this dress does nothing else, it highlights how incredibly tiny the tall Kate is, and how absolutely lovely, as usual.  (William was the real shocker in his casual slacks and pullover.)

The couple cooked and danced with the residents--all very reminiscent of the scenes we got from the North American trip.  Their natural ease with people showed through, again highlighting what an asset to the British Monarchy this dynamic couple really is.

I think the most exciting news of the day throws back to the heartwarming image of the Canadian tour.  In what will prove in the future to be an iconic image of the Duchess, Kate was embraced by the adorable little Diamond, suffering at the time from cancer.  Today the news is that she has been declared cancer free.  So many prayers to this charming little girl and her family for her continued recovery and future health.  

Ah, the Helping Hand... 

Princess at the Millies: Kate Sparkles Monday Night [updated]

Monday, December 19, 2011

I don't know about the rest of you, but this is what I have been waiting for since the announcement that Kate Middleton would be William's wife.  I have been waiting for old school glitz and glamour, modern royalty, but never more modern than royal.  I loved the ARK dress, no one will deny that BAFTA stunned, but this, this is it.  Black strapless, velvet, sparkling jewels, red carpet.  Kate was a princess tonight. Absolutely glowing this evening, it is so fun to see her smiling, and her increased evening eye make-up makes those eyes pop. The dress highlighted her perfect figure and toned arms. I have said it before and I will say it again, if this isn't inspiration to get yourself to the gym, nothing will be be, give up now.

This is certainly the most neck sparkle we have seen her wear.The reports are that this necklace was a wedding gift, and I can only hope there will be more from where this came.  The dress is McQueen and reminiscent of Diana's first (and somewhat disastrous) appearance.  Kate is a more practiced veteran of the public scene and her bust line was glamorous, but in no way dangerous.  The dress was altered from a net skirt to fully velvet.  As always, good call, Kate.

The Belle of the Ball, indeed.
Earlier today the Daily Mail reported on a little pre-Christmas brunch the royals attended at Buckingham Palace.  Shots through the window showed a beaming Kate with William at the wheel.  I really like when he drives, it reminds me of their dating days.  For some reason this called to mind the polo match at which they were spotted canoodling after they got back together.  When it was all over they sped off in his Audi...

See article at the Daily Mail here.

The Sun published great photos from inside the event. See more shots here.

We have another engagement this week from Will and Kate before the Christmas celebration at Sandringham.

Stunning Duchess

Kate's Classic Middleton Look at Royal Albert Hall

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kate struck the perfect note for the concert at Royal Albert Hall today in a black and white Zara dress and black jacket by Ralph Lauren.  It was quite the hit with me all around, including the black stockings and shoes combo I love so. This was very reminiscent of her first official appearance with William post engagement a year ago this month.  Remember the black and white Temperley she wore? 

Kate in Temperley December 18, 2010
Everything is perfect to me in this evening's outfit and it looks more like Kate before the Duchess than anything else.  Most of all, I just want to study a clip of Kate getting out of her car modestly---a technique I would like to master... 

Kate and William sat in the Royal Box with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.  Richard Palmer from the Daily Express mentioned on Twitter that several times it looked as if Kate was lightly singing along but unsure whether it was appropriate in the Royal Box!  

Couldn't be more pleased with this classic Kate evening.  The Royal events surrounding the approach to Christmas are always so fun and exciting.  This is also the first red carpet-like event we have seen William and Kate at in London, that I can recall.  

Much talk has been made regarding Kate's upcoming debut at the Sandringham gathering of royals for Christmas.  I really can't believe it is as daunting as all the papers are making it out to be.  Kate seems very at ease in her position in the RF and although I am sure there will be moments of stress, to point back to the miserable times that Diana and Fergie went through does not take into account differences in circumstance and personality.  In any case, we all can look forward to an extra Christmas lift as we see snaps of Kate on the traditional walk to church Christmas morning!

Replica of Kate's Earrings From Royal Wedding

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I keep meaning to write a more thorough post on this, but life is just a little too busy right now!  Jeannie emailed me the other day and tipped me off that JCPenny's has a very nice reproduction of Kate's earrings from the wedding!  If they aren't the same they are pretty close!


Kate's earrings, a gift from her parents.

Get your shopping done early this Christmas season!

Again, many thanks to Jeannie for bringing this to everyone's attention!