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Diamond Jubilee Tour Kicks off in Leicester

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gorgeous and confident DoC joins HM and the DoE. 

Some women have it.  The ability to see pieces on a hanger or on a website, looking only ordinary or rather dull, and yet pull them together to make something stunning.  Kate stepped off the train in Leicester today with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to kick off the Diamond Jubilee tour looking retroly fabulous in just such a concoction.  The outfit was from longtime brand favorite LK Bennett, a jacket and a separate dress.  It might help to have a perfect figure, but Kate created absolute magic when she mixed these two.

Interestingly, Kate once again did not shy away from the ruffled look around the hips that many women steer clear of, but that she always effortlessly pulls off. Perhaps that unexpected element contributes to this unusual and fabulous outfit. The royal trio had a packed day starting with a dancing performance at De Montfort University as well as a fashion show.  Right off the bat, this is a nice little video of Kate in action:

I think this look is saying, "I love Granny's ride."  The royals arrived by train, moved about the city by car, and took a helicopter home.  Talk about covering your transportation bases.  First on the list was a little multicultural dance performance...

Next stop was a fashion show where Kate and the Queen exchanged smiles and whispers throughout.

Kate looks quiet and attentive, but I really want to know what the Queen is thinking here.  Kate has a bit of a catwalk past herself, having (in)famously caught Prince William's eye when she strutted down the runway at St. Andrews dressed in a provocative see-through ensemble.  Whether that was indeed the moment the magic happened or not will probably remain a mystery for some years, but the show is factual and no doubt it crossed both their minds. Kate apparently alluded to the event as she was entering saying, "I have been to a fashion show before."

Lost something, your Majesty?

A service of thanksgiving was also on the agenda at Leicester Cathedral.

Kate and the Queen had lots of charming moments throughout the day.  They seem very relaxed and easy in each others company, or more accurately, Kate seemed comfortable with the Queen.  Her look was perfect, and after a disappointing in London the other day when she didn't wear a hat, Kate really kept her look polished with her hair partially swept up and appropriately accessorized with those $3,000 earrings.  As usual, perfect.

Another date has been added to Kate's calendar, she will join the Prince of Wales on March 15 as he introduces her to one of his many charities.  I wonder if Kate is just filling her time while William is away or if this is the start of her life as working royal.  (She reportedly said that she missed William very much and is getting lots of quality time with Lupo while she waits for her prince to come home.)  William will return to the UK fairly shortly, so I expect we will find out soon enough regarding number of engagements.  In the meantime, we have but to sit back and enjoy our fashion show from a lady with that expert eye for an outfit.  


  1. Wow! I just loved this retro look from Kate, she looked incredible. It seems as though she is developing a warm relationship with the Queen too who also looked wonderful.. I love the way the Queen often wears such colourful outfits - just goes to show that age is no barrier to being fashionable! Annie, UK

  2. Yes, I thought this was fabulous, too! I think the Queen recognizes what an asset Kate is to the Monarchy.

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