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Kate's Surprise Visit to Olympic Park

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This morning it was announced that the rumored private event Kate would attend before her Princes Trust engagement, was in fact a visit to Olympic Park to meet the GB Hockey Teams.  It was a fun change of pace for all Kate watchers as she donned more casual clothes and even played some friendly field hockey. Last summer the internet was buzzing with the story that Kate had purchased red JBrand jeans in the run up to her North American tour.  We waited day after day for the fabled item to make its appearance, but it never did.  Finally, I they may have emerged, although a more salmon color than red.  A lot of people love them, but I am not super excited. Kate is in great shape, and she is beautiful, but these were not intensely flattering.  She still looked pretty darn good, but on the whole, they weren't a hit with me.  The navy jeans from Canada looked fabulous, these just seem a tad too snug. (There is good snug and there is too snug.) Perhaps the lighter color is the problem... 

Kate arrived in heels, a navy blue blazer, and scarf.  This was such a fun surprise and visit.  After she changed into sneakers and hoodie to play some ball.

Kate has always been very athletic and field hockey was one of her sports so I am sure this was a trip down memory lane. At Marlborough, she was even captain.  

She was presented with a jersey with the usual Cambridge 1 on the back.  Throughout the visit Kate was bright-eyed and all smiles--very, very fun royal engagement.  This first picture below is particularly reminiscent of Kate's college and early post-college years and my personal favorite from the morning.  

Next post will focus on her visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery...


  1. A rare fashion miss, I think. Although I loved the jeans, teaming them with a structured navy blazer and heels just didn't seem to work. However, it looks like Kate had a whale of a time and I believe the scarf she wore was the official scarf of the British Paralympic team so nice to see her recognising the Paralympic games which all to often get forgotten. Annie, UK

  2. Something about the heels with the skinny jeans didn't sit right with me. But she is still gorgeous, as usual! Really great shots.


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