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Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, William and Kate!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reports initially put William and Kate flying into Scotland to celebrate their anniversary in private, that was until they popped up in Suffolk at a friend's wedding on the 28th.  See photos at the Daily Mail here. As is usual for Kate, she recycled to keep the focus on the bride, but she added a great fascinator, and a belt.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their nostalgia today as we remember the excitement of last year.  The Royal Wedding wasn't just an isolated event with a pretty dress.  It was the happy ending of a real life romance we had all been caught up in for the past eight years.  Dating can be hard and stressful, and we watched Kate navigate the ups and the downs of a process that should be very private, but that she had to play out on the world stage.  She proved her metal time and again and who wouldn't be thrilled that she finally arrived at the historically steeped Westminster Abbey, in a dress the world was breathless to see, to at last become the bride she deserved to be.

It all started at St. Andrews where we watched the two in the first bloom of college romance:

William dances with Kate at a party early on in their career at St. Andrews.

Through the excitement of the early post college days:

Then, the romance seemed to grow jaded and the two shocked the world with their split in 2007.  Instead of utilizing her parents' millions to jet somewhere secluded to grieve in privacy, Kate put on a sparkling smile and hit the London night scene.  Her face was plastered on every newspaper in London week after week and by late summer she had defied the odds and won her prince back.

They played coy at the concert, but were spotted canoodling at the after party:

They briefly hit the London scene again after their reunion, but more and more presenting a more united and mature front.  Ever more glamorous, they attended weddings and royal events, and quietly vacationed with friends and family.

By 2010, Kate sightings were extremely rare, but the couple attended a wedding, walking in together rather than separately.  The rumor mill started working again, spreading the story that the two were secretly engaged.  And surprisingly, they were!  On November 16, 2010 a press conference at St. James's Palace announced the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

April 29th was the day William and Kate finally got their happily ever after, but the public outpouring should not have come as a shock, as we too were getting our happy ending.  The real life ending to the story we had been following and cheering on with interest for years.  The build up, not just of the frenzied months before the wedding but many years of waiting and wondering if and when the two would marry.

I hope everyone had some chocolate biscuit cake, some fabulous tea, and rewatched the wedding, relived the joy and excitement that should come when two people finally make it to port!

Many blessings to them on this their first anniversary and on Kate's patron saint feast, St. Catherine of Siena.

Kate Sparkles in Amanda Wakeley at Imperial War Museum

Friday, April 27, 2012

Talk about a change of pace.  Kate switched into a sleek, grey, Amanda Wakeley to attend a reception at the Imperial War Museum this evening.  Kate wore this same dress in oatmeal -- refresh your memory here -- but what a difference the color makes. I wasn't too keen on the oatmeal, it was frankly kind of boring. The added belt is a perfect addition.  Kate swept her hair away from her face and the big, bouncing curls added subtle glamour.  I love it. I love everything.  The hair, the belt, the dress-- it looks great from the back, too.   There isn't that much more to say. She looks stunning, just beautiful. This one is out of the park.  Enjoy the pictures, they speak for themselves.

William and Kate at Goldsmith's Hall

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two days in a row for Royal Watchers as Kate and William attended an event at Goldsmith's Hall.  Kate wore a blue suit by Rebecca Taylor (stocked at Neimen Marcus, by the way).  The unfinished edges reminded me of the blue coat dress that Kate wore on St. David's Day when she accompanied the Queen to Fortnum & Mason. Everything was very blue, I even think the eyeliner and possibly the mascara.

Rebecca Taylor is selling the suit on the website already.

The suit was pretty, feminine, and a lovely color.  I didn't go crazy over it, but it fit her much better than yesterday's ensemble.  Kate noticed a three week old at the event, the couple both spent some time admiring the baby. This, of course, has set tongues wagging again that another royal is on the way.  It seems like the never ending speculation of when the two would get engaged.  Thankfully, we won't be waiting nearly a decade this time... 

William gave a speech-- but someone wasn't paying attention the whole time.  If I had a ring that gorgeous, I would get distracted sometimes, too...

Aaaand, once again listening.

The event was to commemorate the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole.  When the couple were finished, though, there was still a second stop before the day was over...

William and Kate Attend 'African Cats' Premiere

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

As with most things in life, there seems to be a good and a bad--this dress fits the bill.  Kate and William are back at the royal grindstone again together after his tour of duty in Falklands separated them.  They both looked fabulous, as usual Kate seemed radiant.

She wore Matthew Williamson--a custom dress--she had the designer add the same detail from the cuffs to the neckline.  Perfect idea, it added color to the dress and covered the need for an accessory. It also gave it an appropriately African feel. I wish this had been a simple sheath, though.  The peplum here is too much for me.  I almost like it, but then the diamond shape makes it a little too Prince of Egypt.  The earrings, however, were a fantastic blue and green to compliment the dress.

Does anyone else think her hair looks particularly glossy today?  

Maybe I just don't like it from the back. It looks like she needs a smaller size, too...

These next few pictures show a really cute progression as Kate reacts to whatever her husband is saying.  Clearly William is quite the comedian. 

Cutest photo of event.

We see William and Kate again tomorrow twice before they disappear to celebrate their first year anniversary in private. 

William and Kate leave 'African Cats'