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Pippa Launches Her Party Planning Book, Celebrate

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If you are a longtime reader you remember that I initially covered Pippa as well as Kate.  I dropped her for two reasons.  Number one, the woman was photographed every single morning walking to work and at some point a girl has to call quits. But today she just launched her party planning book, Celebrate, and was looking smashing. I had to cover it.

Her first dress was a purple Roksanda Ilincic. Kate has worn this designer before with great success and this dress was obviously from the same creative mind.

See Kate's lavender Roksanda Ilincic here that she also wore in LA.
Next look was a Marcus Lupfer and this was my favorite.  She has an absolutely perfect figure shown to perfection on this.  Absolutely stunning   I loved her hair and make-up.  The Middleton girls just glow sometimes and she certainly did today.

I love it!  She looks incredible!

Some kids told Kate they hated princesses.  Hahah, definitely one of those moments where you think, well, my sister is a princess, how to deal with this...

This last look by Stella McCartney was also a hit with me.  Fitted and sexy. Kate didn't make it, probably so her sister could have her moment in the spotlight.  Still, too bad that she missed such a fun day.

Michael and Carole were also in attendance, as well as James.  By. the. way.  WHO is the girl James is out and about with.  I am completely interested, someone toss some details our way!

All I know is, I am buying this book.  Can't wait!  For sale on Amazon here

Kate Wears Temperley to Reception with GB Team

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You know when you are really excited about something and when if finally comes it is a let down.  That was tonight's evening reception for the GB Team with the Royals.  While we waited for pictures, we were told she was wearing Temperley and I was so excited, because I am usually a big fan.  Alice Temperley is whimsical and feminine, interesting while remaining classic.  When I saw the dress, though, I was disappointed.  It has so many great features and lots of Temperley trade marks, but all together is just is not right.  The hem along the bottom, the straps showing through in the back. What is that, her tank top showing through?  Come on, too sloppy.

I liked the sleeves a lot, I think if the flowers had been a little more delicate it would have helped.  It should be more sophisticated, it is looking too much like that ghastly peasant skirt craze that briefly revived in the US five years ago or so. Major no.

As I say, lots of elements I could have loved if there weren't so many clashing parts.  The crepe-like reminded me of a grandma at a funeral. I know a lot of people loved it, but honestly, but I just can't.  It is too bad, because with just a few alterations it could have been great.  I was definitely disappointed. Oh well, the good news is Kate is rarely off her game, so we are sure to have success next time!

Kate was looking fabulous in her make-up and hair department, though, so there are always silver linings.

William and Kate Attend a Party At LouLou's

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The nostalgia train continues.  When is the last time you saw pictures of William and Kate leaving a club together?  My brain is a little tired right now, but I don't think we have seen this since before they were engaged. Some time before they were engaged.  Remember how they stopped and disappeared to Anglesey and we didn't have any Kate sightings for months on end? Yes, it has been a while. But, last night the two attended a party at a trendy London club in Mayfair after William returned from his former nanny's funeral and Kate got back from her solo engagements in Newcastle.  

Pippa and Princess Eugenie were both at the party as well as Jemima Khan.  Times have certainly changed, though.  William and Kate arrived at 10pm and left at midnight. Kate looked reserved as she left, looking conservative in a black dress and a ruffled black coat, she was a far cry from the colorful and shorter styles of the past.  These two are definitely not singletons in their twenties anymore.  

The dress almost looks like her engagement dress in black.  There aren't many good shots, but it looks like the petal design of that skirt, and we know Kate has grabbed dresses she likes in multiple colors.  I don't even know if her engagement dress was offered in black, but...

Kate In Newcastle and Stockton

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well, talk about the Christmas repeats!  Kate chose the second coat she wore Christmas day, but she nixed the hat and wore her tall black Aquatalias instead of the heels.  This dress is super familar, and I thought perhaps I had seen it under her coat on Christmas, but after searching through the old posts, I think it might be the dress she wore on the UNICEF visit. And I have no idea where she got it. Sorry. :) I have to say, I love her boots, as you know, but this coat is just long enough, that I think I prefer the plain heels with it.

Otherwise, she looked stunning as she flew solo on today's engagements in Newcastle.  William, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, was at the funeral of his former nanny, along with Princess Diana's sisters.

Is it because we have "modernized" or because we knew Kate as plain Kate for so many years, but calling her Princess Kate or Duchess Kate just seems odd.  I waited to see which the media would settle on, Princess or Duchess, but it seems she has stayed plain Kate. I am going to make it a point to refer to her as Princess Kate.  This is not an invitation to begin an in depth argument on protocol and names. Kate, as the spouse of a prince, is a princess in my mind.  If you want to toss out tradition and fairytales, go rain on someone else's parade.  In other news, I need this hair.  I really do.

This cheeky lad got a hug from Kate.  You can see she is good with the boys.

Kate told people at this community garden that she grows her own potatoes.  Unfortunately, this year her crop wasn't so great--she said they were all pretty small.  I know a French man whose showed me his potatoes this year and he also complained they weren't that good this season.  Maybe it isn't just Kate...

Today was really great.  Seeing Kate out and about and looking beautiful and happy is very inspiring.  Gorgeous, strong, confident,  Kate Middleton FTW.

Kate Wears Aquatalia Boots for Football Training Center

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh my gosh.  Some lovely nostalgia for you today. Kate wore a Reiss coat and her Aquatalia boots to the opening of the Football Association's massive national training center.  Kate was definitely displaying her old faithful looks, the coat certainly is very much in keeping with her older style, but it is the boots that really made this her signature pre-wedding look.  The tour around the UK before the wedding saw lots of black stocking, boots, and lovely coats.

I don't need to tell you that I loved this.  Forest green looks great on her.  Remember the green coat from St. Patrick's Day?  I loved it!  This whole look is actually a repeat, although it is the first public appearance   Kate wore this coat and these boots to the Christmas morning communion service before she changed to the maroon outfit for the later more public service. See the pictures from Christmas here.

I was just thinking yesterday that we might have seen the last of the boots on public appearances  so I was thrilled when we got the shots today. I was wearing my pair of these Aquatalia's yesterday and some little girl complimented me on them.  I said, "Oh thank you, do you know who Kate Middleton is?"  But she responded, no.  Depressing.  She knows who Selena Gomez is, but not Kate Middleton.  I despair.

Someone asked how Kate signs her name, and as a royal, she signs it simply Catherine. I have heard rumors that Kate and William refer to themselves as the Mr. and Mrs. Wales and others who claim Kate has referred to herself as Mrs. Cambridge, but when acting in a royal capacity she is The Duchess of Cambridge, or Catherine.

As usual, they toured the facilities and chatted with different individuals in training, played with the equipment...

William and Kate were scheduled for engagements tomorrow but Kate will take them on by herself.  The Daily Mail reports that William is attending the funeral of his former nanny.  Read the article and some great pictures here

Kate Wears Paule Ka to Visit Law Students

Monday, October 8, 2012

I loved today's engagement.  Moving past the unpleasantness of the tour and back to chilly London engagements.  Kate chose just the right warm shade of burgundy for this cold day, and paired it with black tights and suede pumps.  This suit is a Paule Ka creation, and has echoes of Kate's flirty and fun style from her twenties.  The lace/crochet peeking out add some interest.  

They were meeting with law students, and if I could go to a law school this beautiful, I would be signing up today.  Classical British, just the kick I needed on this fall day. 

More Kate coming this week.

Last Dresses of the Tour

My mom always got mad at me when I was little because I never finished a job or a project.  I'd close to the end of the dishes and leave the last bit on the counter, or fold the laundry and not put it away.  I am still guilty in that department.  We got almost to the end of the tour and I just tanked on the last day.  Sorry, old habits die hard.

Quick catch up, these were the looks you missed.

Wills and Kate arrived on Tuvalu Island and she was wearing what was an unidentified dress at the time. In contrast to the bright canary level earlier, it was a beautiful soft, buttery yellow.  Delicate and feminine, with pretty detailing, and a nice eyelet. It emerged that Kate had designed the dress! Yup, a custom piece she commissioned   Lovely choices   I would have made the sleeves slimmer, but such a small consideration.  Major score to Kate' creativity.  Hate the shoes, though...

Then Wills and Kate danced the nigh away with the Tuvalu Islanders.  Kate wore a floor length Alice by Temperley, before adding a grass skirt given to her by the locals.  Both William and Kate looked like they were drawing from the college and early post-grad years to bust out a few moves.

Kate wandered around the floor spritzing the dancers with perfume, apparently a symbol of approval.

As the tour came to a close, Kate wore a Project D London.  The many floral prints that Kate has worn on this tour are a little overwhelming to me, but let no one say Kate didn't step out of her usual style zone.

William looked like he may have reached the end of his rope, but in fairness, it was probably the most stressful tour they will ever undertake.  Let's hope so. The royal plane touched down in Brisbane, Australia, on the way home, and it was the first time Kate has been in that country.

To leave Australia, Kate changed to her more usual style, in skinnies, and a scarf.  She toted the most popular Longchamps bag in the universe, and wore her wedges. She looked trim and relaxed, and I think that is the, "I am finally flying home" smile.

Phew.  That wasn't so hard.