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Fun in the Sun: Middletons are on Mustique...bikini edition.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You won't be seeing Kate today, because she is holidaying on her favorite island Mustique.  William slipped away to the tropic retreat with his wife and the two are staying in a luxury villa, per usual.  Michael and Carole are also reportedly there, although, they have rented a separate villa, as you would imagine   I heard rumors this morning that Pippa is also vacationing, which would make sense. Mom and Dad are escaping the winter blues to holiday with sis and brother-in-law, yeah, I think I would also be hopping a jet to join in the fun. Plus, this seems to be a bit of a yearly thing for their family, last year they vacationed on Mustique mid/late January.

I can't imagine there won't be pictures, there always are. It was announced today that Kate will undertake her first official public engagement since the baby eruption on February 19th for Action on Addiction. Baby eruption is probably a poor choice of words... :)

After what, by all reports, was an absolutely miserable first trimester, it must be nice to soak up some sun and warmth and sip a non-alcoholic cocktail.  I do not begrudge her the break.

The Middletons and royals have long been major fans of Mustique.  Read more about the island and her royal appeal on my earlier post, here. Just below are shots of Kate holidaying with William and friends on Mustique when she was 24 and he was 23!

Remember Kate's rather colorful uncle, Gary Goldsmith?  He has that beautiful home on Ibiza, so Kate, William, and her family were holidaying there in 2006, when these now fairly famous white bikini shots were taken. So much PDAing here, I couldn't resist.

Sisters: Kate and Pippa sun on the boat. Michael Middleton in background.

Here, (below) at 27 years old in 2008, Kate was back with Wills again in Mustique.

They go every year, but we don't always get beach shots, which I have focused on. Giving you some thinspiration. Start now or you won't be ready by the spring...

Just last year in January, the Middletons took off to Mustique with William and Kate for a vacation I posted on here, and below is an extremely grainy long lens of the new Duchess lunching with her family.

Fun times, fun times. Hopefully, they are all enjoying a lovely time, and Kate will be tanned and healthy when she pops back home to make her big appearance on the 19th.


  1. They were so cute together in Ibiza!! Love those photos. This is reason to start working out after the holidays! She looks great!

  2. I love the Ibiza ones, too. She is so stunning. The two sisters in the same shade makes it hard to tell who is who from a distance.

  3. Love those pictures. I'm glad that Wills seems to feel at home with Kate's family. Kate and the Pipster look good as usual. They have such enviable figures.


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