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Happy Anniversary to Kate as She Wears Apricot Tara Jarmon to Naomi House Children's Hospice

Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, I was not expecting this one. On the 2nd anniversary of her wedding, Kate showed up at Naomi House Children's Hospice in...apricot!  Certainly a major pop of color from Kate who has favored more subdued colors for some time, particularly for daytime events.  It was a really fun change of pace, and a nice, cheerful color for her visit.  The paler dress contrasting with the deeper hue of the Tara Jarmon coat was perfect. The colors are bolder than usual, but remain delicate, and she accessorized with LK Bennet sledge shoes and matching clutch, both in neutral. I can't say for certain, but I have absolutely no recollection of Kate ever wearing this designer before, so that in itself is a little exciting.  Also of interest is that the designer is based in Paris, France, although she is Canadian.  Does that make her a Canadian or a French label?

I really do think this is a perfect outfit for the occasion. I really am enjoying the spring colors and Kate was really glowing.  I know I lightly criticized her video message for lacking personality, but Kate always shines so brightly at these functions.  Particularly when children are involved. You can see she is genuinely engaged by them, and really does empathize, not just sympathize with their plights. Her video addresses can improve with practice, but she is 10 on these public appearances.

Kate also performed a walkabout to greet the children of a local primary school:

People often mention how tall Kate is, but she met her match today. :)

Today is, of course, her anniversary, and I hope everyone is taking some time to relive just a little of the magic of that day!

Our first glimpse of the dress after so many months waiting and wondering...

Kate's last look back at the throngs of spectators as she entered the Abbey:

William and Kate's little smiles throughout the ceremony:

The heart-stopping moment the ring wouldn't slip on:

Emerging from the church as the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

And of course the balcony time, and TWO kisses, not just one. It was our lucky day--and William's, too.

A video of the exchange of vows:

The Telegraph's highlights:

Balcony kiss and flyover:

William and Kate were spotted out in London this weekend for a quiet dinner together, and most speculate they were celebrating a little early since Wills is on duty in Anglesey today.  Have a wonderful rest of your Royal Wedding Day/Evening!

P.S. One of my readers left a comment on my earlier post, it was deleted when I reposted that entry, but I wanted to thank you for your kind words and your concern. I do appreciate it and took your advice into consideration. So far, so good. ;)

[New Photos] Kate and Carole Buy a Moses Basket

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Hello! photos are out, published today at the Daily Mail, (see all photos on the DM's site) with details of the baby shopping excursion.  One of my readers, Stefanie, commented on the earlier post about these photos, that the basket was a Moses Basket!  And that is confirmed today!  Kate and Carole were out for lunch and baby shopping, it is reported, and these are some fun shots of mother and daughter dressed almost identically.  Do they do it on purpose, or are their tastes so simpatico?

Is Kate carrying her mother's purse, or is she carrying a purse and a "briefcase" around?

Other odds and ends on this Royal Wedding Weekend, Kate was spotted leaving KP yesterday, and it appears she is chewing her nails?

I don't like teddy bears as royal gifts, but some little girl gave one to Harry recently on a walkabout, and he was pictured walking into KP still holding it after his helicopter dropped him at home. How cute! I still don't think Wills and Kate will keep it, but I think it is cute anyway...

Much was made in the news recently, that William had announced he would be leaving Anglesey this summer, but I am not sure how that is a surprise, given the privatization of the Search and Rescue division.  he big news remains, what will he do next?  And that has not been announced yet...

I am a little surprised by the mostly negative response to the Pippa post. I know that a lot of people don't like the Middleton girls, but I assumed Kate fans would also, for the most part, be Pippa fans as well.  I can understand why she rubs some women the wrong way, so this isn't so much a judgement on any of you who do not like her, more of an observation.  I like to track not just Kate, but the Middleton family, so when the fancy takes me, I will be posting about Pippa, too.  Hopefully, that is ok... And in that line, Pippa was out in this blue dress that I thought was pretty. :)

Pips was at a society wedding over the weekend, and opted for something a little more streamlined,  à la her sister Kate. She wore this blue dress, with grey suede pumps, also very reminiscent of the shoes Kate wore so recently. As is not unusual with Pippa, she gets a lot right, but maybe just a little wrong.  The necklace is too much. You would think this look is simple enough that it could take a bold statement piece, but I wish she had left it alone, or added something more delicate.  At first I wasn't sure about the hat, but I like how it works with the clutch and shoes.  Still, all past choices considered, this is a win for Pippa in the wedding category.

That is all for the moment. I have to get back to my tea and Royal Wedding soundtrack... See you all tomorrow!!

Kate Releases First Video Message to Mark the Start of Children's Hospice Week

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kate has appeared in her first video message today, released to highlight the beginning of Children's Hospice Week. Kate is wearing the black Topshop dress with the peter pan collar that she wore to the children's hospice with William. The coat was a little quirky that day, but I love the dress. It was a good choice for this video.

Kate wearing Topshop dress in March

I will risk the wrath of many readers and say that I don't think Kate is doing so well in terms of her public addresses. She seems stilted and fake, as if she is being too careful   None of her personality, which we know is bubbly and humorous, comes through.  Of course, the topic is not a happy one, and I am sure she will improve with time.

Kate, William, and Harry Travel to Visit Warner Bros and Step into the World of Harry Potter

Friday, April 26, 2013

Today, William, Kate, and Harry attended the opening of the Warner Bros Studio.  Kate wore a TopShop polka dot dress with her black Ralph Lauren jacket.  Yet again, she barely looked pregnant from certain angles!  Polka dot pieces are very tricky things. I am personally into stripes right now, which are also tricky, you can so easily end up looking like a little five year old french boy, mignon, mais... Polka dots are even more dangerous, nevertheless I have to say Kate pulled it off with aplomb.

In his brief speech, William asked that more, and more, and more Batman films be made, so it is obvious he is quite the fan. He spent a lot of time touring around the various paraphernalia of that film, including this bat bike? and the bat mobile. I am not an expert, I think that is what they are called. I have actually not watched all the movies.

William tries out a prop while Kate stands by laughing.

I think we all know the highlight of the visit was the time they spent on the Harry Potter sets.  William and Kate visited Diagon Alley where they stood outside the Scribbulus Writing Implements shop. I didn't know that shop, I had to Google it--I had this mixed up with Ollivander's Wand Shop. I am a fan, but not a groupie. 

Here William and Kate have a battle of the wands in Gryffindor's common room. You can't really see it in this picture, but the walls are decorated with The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, iconic medieval art. (The tapestries can be seen at the Musée de Cluny in Paris.)  Kate appears ready to stupefy some folks, but William looks like he is tripping out of The Three Broomsticks after a pint or two, too many. 

Watch a short video of their duel.  William needs to work on hiding that I-am-very-uncomfortable face:

William, Kate, and Harry also toured Hogwart's Great Hall:

Kate looks like she is having a blast, and I have to say, this looks very, very cool. No wonder Harry tagged along, that dude knows a good time when he sees it. Back to reality:

Kate looked lovely, the polka-dots were appropriately playful for their outing, and the jacket just the right grounding--not to mention useful given what appears to be overcast weather. No royal visit is complete without some flowers. Ever. So there were flowers.  The perks of being a princess.

We are very close to William and Kate's 2nd wedding anniversary, which they will celebrate on Monday.  We get a treat of our own, since they have scheduled a public engagement that day!  

Pippa Middleton Takes on Charity Work for Mary Hare School in Tory Burch

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pippa has recently been in the news thanks to her column in Waitrose's magazine, where she writes a cooking section.  But, it looks like Pips also enjoys jobs a little more in line with those engagements carried out by her royal sister. Pippa has become an ambassador for the Mary Hare School in Berkshire--a school for deaf children.  The website states that Pippa will be lending her support to fundraise for the school. In that capacity, she opened the school's new boarding facility.

Americans will be interested to know that Pippa chose a Tory Burch suit for the occasion, although, she should take a tip from her public-engament-experienced sister, and carry a clutch.  Something to do with awkward hands...  I think that Pippa will probably take a lot of flak for this, and I can't help but feel the palace won't be pleased either. This will fuel the "Pippa thinks she is a royal" attitude, but frankly, every movie star on the planet does the same thing. Pippa is a celebrity--thanks to her sister--and so she can be an effective ambassador.

The above photo is on the Mary Hare website.

Last week Pips was out in London with her BF, Nico, for a party at LouLou's:

And just recently she took to the town with a friend, dressing up her jeans with a jacket from Beulah, a label Kate and her mother have worn in the past.

Kate Wears Blue Emilia Wickstead to Art Room 11th Anniversary at the National Portrait Gallery

Opinion was certainly divided on yesterday's dress, but I don't think today's pale blue Emilia Wickstead will get mixed reviews. I absolutely loved it!  Kate was at the National Portrait Gallery for The Art Room, and she chose this crepe dress for the evening. I love the cut, color, fabric--everything is lovely, and I particularly enjoyed the complementing shoes, a change for her. Kate even lightened up her eyeshadow with a hint of paler blue. I have loved every Emilia Wickstead Kate has ever worn, so I am not terribly surprised that this was a hit, too.

When Kate pulls her hair half back as she has here, it always seems to lend an air of extra glamour. More than when it is down or in a ponytail.  I very much like it!

I am not sure what she saw when she first stepped out of the car, but she made a face that almost everyone has remarked on. She looks super happy and excited to be there, and her energy is high.  Just what you want from your patron.

The above photo is one of my favorites, as I think it was for many today, capturing the pregnant duchess with the her husband's portrait in the background.

Kate gave a short address today as well.  Watch the Telegraph's highlight's here:

The dress, which is reputed to be a custom creation, has an unusual back, which threw my at first, but fashion is fashion and thrives on the unusual. It gave this feminine and reserved piece a little character, without changing the vibe too much.  Today she really found the princess look, this one is special and I am always so excited when she hits this note!!

We will see Kate again soon.  Loving seeing her out so much! Bye for now...

Kate Wears Erdem to Manchester Primary School

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kate arrived at Willows Primary School in Manchester to promote her new patronage, the charity Place2Be. Kate was wearing a floral patterned Erdem.  She paired the dress with royal blue suede pumps that bring out some of the discreet petal/circles on the dress.  Sometimes Kate arrives by helicopter and sometimes...she takes the train.  Kate took the train from London to Manchester today:

Kate first really debuted Erdem on tour in Canada, and some great looks are from the label.  Erdem makes a lot of these geometrically patterned pieces, and Kate obviously favors blue.  It is one of those labels that has its fair share of hits and misses, though. These two Canadian pieces were lovely:

But, I never really warmed to either of these pieces worn to the Trooping and for private functions, and the Asia tour:

Today's dress falls somewhere in the middle for me. I don't super like it, but it isn't like the Trooping dress, for which I had a definite antipathy.

Kate delivered a brief speech today in which she spoke of the destruction caused by addiction and her patronages fight to provide help to those struggling.  To watch the Telegraph's video, click on the picture below:

It was Lupo's lucky day, as Kate received a goodie bag with dog treats on her walkabout.

The U.S. had a rather busy time of it last week in terms of news, and I can say that I almost didn't ouch my royal Twitter or follow any news on Kate, so that may be why I missed this photo photo of Kate and her mom shopping last Thursday!  That or it is a true exclusive, which Hello! does pull off with fair regularity.  In typical style, Hello! has titled this picture as baby crib shopping, although if that is a baby crib and not a laundry basket or something, I would be very surprised.  I love it though. Kate's hair up in a ponytail is super cute, and whenever she is out with her mom I love it. Certainly buying this issue!

Kate looked great today. I may not be wild about the dress, but it is certainly pretty, figure flattering, and appropriate for the occasion.  Who knows what her closet has in store for us next...See you tomorrow at the National Portrait Gallery!