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Harry & Cressy's Break-Up is All Guy Pelly's Fault!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I wasn't going to comment on Harry and Cressida, because as lovely she seems, who really thought when Harry started dating a 22 year-old that it was going to have a happy ending? Really. Especially considering Cressy is a bit of a wild child. I am just saying, I wasn't optimistic. (Plus, deep down I am not over Harry and Chelsy. Oh, those sunny, happy days...) These turbulent love birds could still prove me wrong, but until they really put some elbow grease into proving it to me, I will only quickly scan the scrunchie shots. I break silence however, because there is some cutting edge news. It is all Guy Pelly's fault! They broke up thanks to Guy Pelly. That man...

I have just read a piece in The Telegraph that claimed Harry and Cressida broke up after a heated row over plane fair to America for the Pelly wedding. You don't believe me, so I will quote the paper:
The couple had been due to fly to America together to attend the wedding of the Prince’s friend Guy Pelly on Saturday, but Miss Bonas had to pay for her own £650 air fare and did not want to spend so much money if their troubled relationship was doomed. She chose to grasp the nettle and confront the Prince over their future, which resulted in a “bit of a bust-up” and the decision to go their separate ways.
Let me just say that's right around 1,000 U.S. dollars, which is...a pretty sweet deal for a transatlantic flight. Where has the world gone, right? Expensive airfare, that's where. And now expensive airfare has supposedly torn a royal romance to shreds.

Apparently, Cressida tries to make her own way financially and has had trouble keeping up with her party-boy prince. If Cressida is indeed on a fixed income, Harry really should be paying from his own pocket to keep her happy and comfortable on their get-aways. It is the only chivalrous answer, and a fair trade for the invasion of privacy she undergoes.

Let's remember that these two have always been on the stormy side, (That, boys, is what you get when you date a woman under 25. I KNOW.) but this is the biggest break that has been reported and substantially confirmed. Nevertheless, there is hope for happiness yet:
Friends suggested that the pair “might both regret it” and could get back together at a later date. However, Miss Bonas, 25, was said to have been unhappy for some time, partly because of the strain of being in the public eye and partly because the dance graduate was feeling “frustrated and unfulfilled” at her inability to pursue a career on the stage while dating the Prince.
If you are interested in this relationship, the article has lot of details...more than we need. People's financial situation ought not to be in papers, but there it is. One of the drawbacks of dating a prince. To be fair to Miss Bonas and Prince Harry, friends assure The Telegraph the airfare was only the straw that broke the camel's back, the couple had been tense for a while. Is that good...or bad? I don't know, but if you need more details, pop over to the article here.

I wish both Harry and Cressida the best and I hope they work everything out the way it is meant to be.  I already got my royal happily ever after, and so will now return to looking through photos of the adorable Mr. Grumpy-Pants and his picture perfect mummy.

"We are the coolest, Mom? Fist bump!"

April 29, 2011: A Wedding to Remember

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today William and Kate are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary, and I think most royal watchers around the world are celebrating what has become our own little holiday: Royal Wedding Day! The Royal Wedding as an event was not confined to April 29th, though. April 29th was the culmination of months of wedding planning excitement, all officially kicked off on November 16, 2010.  Let's take a minute to cast ourselves back and remember all the excitement and the happiness of spring 2011.

William and Kate had vacationed in Kenya the month before and the whispers that the glowing pair were engaged were slipping quietly around London town, and the world. Of course, royal engagement rumors started when Kate was 23, so...we'd heard this before.  US Weekly either had a source, an employee with excellent gut instinct, or they were just the luckiest of magazines. The week of the announcement they ran the following front page:

Now, this picture was taken the last week of October at the Meade wedding when William and Kate, rather than slipping quietly in a back entrance separately, boldly walked in together, past the paparazzi, and through the front door. It did seem like the two might be united in a secret that gave them bold confidence to publicly assert their relationship:

I remember seeing the Us Weekly in the grocery store and thinking: I'll believe it when I see it. In true William fashion, the couple kept their engagement quiet. According to William in the engagement interview, it was very hard to keep the news to themselves in those three weeks, "for reasons we had to."  Perhaps they wanted to make a few quiet decisions on aspects of the wedding before the world began scrutinizing every detail and before every courtier and his brother wanted to give input. It is hard to know... When they did decide to go public, they did so swiftly and decisively. William informed his grandmother, Elizabeth II, and the Prime Minister the morning of the 16th and the press were called to the St. James's Palace for "an announcement." And I ran back to the grocery store and bought that prophetic magazine...

[N.B. We have been having a fun and interesting chat in the comments about the timing and who knew when. Not all of which is entirely clear, so sharing hypotheses over tea is our only option.  Here is what I think more succinctly: William "asked" Michael after he proposed to Kate. I won't get into what I think of his reverse timing... They were all at a shooting party at Birkhall (Charles' estate at Balmoral) and when they returned Kate specifically mentions she had this awkward moment in the kitchen with her mother where she wasn't sure if Carole knew. (She did; like a good husband, Mike had told Carole.) Lastly, as far as I know, the Queen was not at Balmoral at the time. Those unfortunately are pretty much the facts we have to go on. When Kate wonders if her own mother knows rather than squealing the news, I think it is clear that the engagement was quite hush/hush. I do not think the Queen had been told before Carole, because that doesn't sit well with my sense of Kate's personality and her relationship with her family. The Queen may have been told before the day of announcement, because given her age and her position it may have been a bit much to spring on her in a three hour time period, but I do not believe she was given much notice at all. I thick that would have thrown a lot of things into motion that William and Kate were trying to postpone ever so briefly. Theories are welcome! :)]

We weren't left lonely for the next five months. As the world threw itself into overdrive over the impending wedding, William and Kate embarked on what will always be my favorite "royal tour." They visited all four majors sections of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, and to the surprise of many, Northern Ireland. Their first stop was February 24th in Anglesey, Wales where they christened a lifeboat:

The next day they were in Scotland at their alma mater to celebrate the university's 600th anniversary:

The couple wisely provided little advance warning for their stop in Ireland, so many fans were delighted to wake up on March 8th to pictures of the engaged couple on the streets of Belfast flipping pancakes and touring a local agricultural college:

They made a final public engagement at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy in Lancashire:

It stoked the frenzied flames, while also generously sharing their happiness with their fellow countrymen and future subjects. And then we waited... Wedding Weekend arrived at last and Westminster Abbey was a beehive of activity. Kate's vision for an English garden wedding was realized by an avenue of 20-foot tall trees stretching along the nave, many from Windsor and other royal estates. 

The busy bride was handling last minute details while looking fabulous. (I love this cowl neck jumper in soft pink paired with the white jacket. She wore it again on her beach walk with Pippa. Fashion win all around.)

Kate, Carole, and Pippa arrived at the Goring before the wedding to the screams and shouts of the excited fans. In her Issa bird print and healthy blowout, flanked by her mother and sister, she was the image of classic Kate Middleton. We were at last on the cusp of realizing a hope many had held over the long years of the royal courtship:

Then, it was time for Kate's close-up. I couldn't sleep the night of the royal wedding. All the buzz and chatter of the press and the world media had hushed, everyone was waiting the few quiet hours until dawn. The Queen was due to confer on William a dukedom, but no one could be absolutely certain which one. I sat on Twitter in Southern California and as midnight struck--8am in London--the Palace announced the title: Her Majesty had made William the Duke of Cambridge. Like turning a light switch on, all happy hell broke loose. The day had begun--it was time for William to go make his princess a duchess.

Love this little wave from Mike Middleton. He is still getting comfortable with the whole royal wave thing. 

Little Grace van Cutsem was looking pretty cheerful on her way to the wedding. Man was she doomed to be disillusioned. This little flower girl was not a happy camper by the close of the day... ;)

A proud daddy escorted his thrilled daughter toward the altar:

Kate, always conscious of the crowd, threw us one last wave before disappearing into Westminster:

William Arthur Philip Louis, wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife, to live together according to God's law in the holy estate of matrimony?
Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live? 
I will. 
Catherine Elizabeth, wilt thou have this man to thy wedded husband, to live together according to God's law in the holy estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honour and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live? 
I will.

Really attempting not to become obsessive here, but is Mr. Security at 2:00? I don't know, but he sure is a close twin if he isn't...

I had several favorite moments in this service, but certainly my second favorite hymn was God Save the Queen, but perhaps not for just the usual reasons. I love the shot of Kate standing next to William, a newly minted Princess of the United Kingdom, wife of the future King--and then panning to Mike and Carole, who raised this woman as a normal little girl, to see her elevated to one of the most prestigious positions in the land. Furthermore, as a traditional British-man, loyal to king and country, this must have been a particularly moving moment for Michael.

The below is the perfect picture, highlighting two primary reasons I am a royal watcher. The luscious medieval surroundings of Westminster and this lovely couple. (They were coming out from signing the register in the Chapel of Edward the Confessor, Harry and Pip close behind...)

Charles escorted Carole while Mike walked Camilla down the aisle. I like how that worked out; good balance.

The joy in the capital was overwhelming. Kate smiled from ear to ear the entire day, particularly on the triumphant carriage ride from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace. She looked lit from within. I have only seen a few other brides as radiant.

Even on her big day, Kate couldn't resist the little munchkins around her:

Mother/daughter shot!

It was a magical night, and I think everyone who watched it either locally or on tvs around the world found it an experience that is hard to forget.

The Bishop of London gave a beautiful sermon and toward the end he commented:
I pray that all of us present and the many millions watching this ceremony and sharing in your joy today, will do everything in our power to support and uphold you in your new life.
And that is certainly my prayer, too, on the anniversary of this deeply joyful day: that we as royal watchers may uphold this beautiful couple, who give happiness to so many, in their work and in a less proximate, but certainly heartfelt way, in the supporting their love and commitment to one another.

Happy Anniversary, Your Royal Highnesses!

Dress Like the Duchess: Zara Bling & Winery Gingham Blouse

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just a few quick repliKates for those who have the spring shopping bug! Kate dazzled us all in her priceless Nizam of Hyderabad necklace, but before we saw that, she wore a far more affordable Zara piece to almost equally stunning effect.

Although that piece sold out long ago, Banana Republic has a fantastic repliKate in their Crystal Collar necklace on sale for $79.50.

Banana Republic 
Kate arrived in Queenstown, New Zealand wearing a white and navy gingham blouse that was quickly identified as Gap's "fitted boyfriend." 

While the shirt may have sold out by now, not everyone was thrilled with it on closer inspection. Banana Republic has a very similar shirt, but in a more substantial fabric, that may peak your interest. Remember that Banana Republic is owned by the same company as Gap. BR's "fitted gingham" is a pretty close match for the Duchess's blouse. I tried on both the Gap fitted boyfriend and Banana Republic's close copy, and I bought Banana Republic on this one. It may be a matter of taste, but check it out if you are dying to recreate Kate's chic casual this spring!

Banana Republic

Middletons Attend a Wedding in Perthshire, Scotland

The gods of royal watching are smiling on me. As William and Kate waved goodbye to Australia, with baby George in tow, I thought, "There they go. Home to England, home to Grandma Carole and Grandpa Mike, the Pipster (and Uncle James)...and I want to see them, too!" I am not just a Kate fan, I am a Middleton Clan fan. I take my fashion cues from Carole, as well. When she wore those Aquatalia booties, I tripped over my toes on my way to Nordstrom to purchase a pair myself. The whole family = fabulous.

As I say, luck was on my team today. Not just Pip, but Carole, Mike, and even Nico were photographed at a wedding in Scotland. You need to see the fun photos, they are all here. Every member of the family looked amazing. It’s in Kate’s genes, kids. I do need to ask, though: Mr. Jackson, when are you going to throw down some hardware? I am entirely ready for a little "Royal Wedding." And, Prince George is going to need some first cousins. Let's not leave the ball entirely in Harry's court, eh? 

Pippa's coat looked a dead ringer for her Suzannah from George's christening, and the DM seems to agree. It looks to be the the trapeze, but in silk. I have to say I preferred the silk cotton version from the christening, but this was also lovely.

Carole returned to a designer that is fast becoming her predominate label. Both her dress and her coat are Catherine Walker creations, and as usual, she pulls it off with perfect aplomb. 

The red Chloe coat is a summer-weight wool crepe:
Underneath, she was wearing the complementing silk print Poppy Day Dress:

Both ladies are wearing hats that I have yet to ID. Since they are not immediately apparent to me, I may click about tomorrow looking for them, but for the moment they will remain anonymous. Carole's hat reminds me of several worn by Kate, and Pippa opted for a structured beret, which is a style that has worked very well for her every time she has worn it over the past few years. 

Looking good, Middletons, looking very good. 

Kate and William and supposedly undertaking a trip to Scotland at the end of May. Their Royal Highnesses hold the Scottish titles of Earl and Countess of Strathearn, and are known as such when north of the border.  Something to look forward to! 

The Middleton Medals: Down Under Week 3!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Well, Ladies, Gentlemen, honored guests...It is now time for the third and final round of the  Middleton Medals: Down Under 2014. Competition is at it most intense this week, with some late shows really shining. But, first, we must announce the Readers' Choice from Week 2. I was so excited to see what you all chose, because it was such a tough week! Several of these were really neck and neck, but with votes tallied from all platforms, the winner is--fair and square-- #5.

The LK Bennet Poppy Dress at Amberley!
Two and three were almost tied, but #6 beat out #4 for second place:

Leaving the Zimmermann in 3rd:

I did not expect this outcome, which made it all the more fun!

Now, it is time for the third and final set. Week 3 was full of formals, and we will also now vote best hat of the tour:

#1 The Dusty Mauve Roksanda Ilincic For Arrival at Uluru:

#2 The Grey and White Hobbs Recycle for the Rock Viewing:

# 3 McQueen Pink of Perfection in Adelaide:

#4 Grass Green Catherine Walker for Arboretum:

#5 The White Lela Rose for Evening Reception:

Okey-dokey. The Best Formal for Week 3, winning the final Gold Middleton Medal of Down Under 2014 goes to...#3.

Pink of Perfection in McQueen.

I do love the Michael Kors and it gave me pause, but this choice was not too hard. I am a little obsessed with this beautiful ensemble and what it does for stunning Kate. I think the pale pink with her perfect tan, dark hair, and sparkling eyes is just unbeatable. Love the nude accessories and the pleating on the skirt. The dress (separates, I know) was so delicate and feminine, with movement and easy grace. Just gorgeous. Kate in top form! 

Best Hat of the Tour! The Winner is...

The Grey Jane Taylor. 

Tough choice between this hat and the red Gina Foster, but I loved the more subtle color and the very unusual design. Hey, what about this hat with the pink McQueen? I don't know, this hat may need the absolute simplest of partners, but...maybe it could work... I do. not. know.

The ball is in your court! What will win Readers' Choice for Week 3?  Don't forget to also vote for your favorite chapeau!!

Comment, tweet with #MiddletonMedals, or email for secret ballot!