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Kate Hits the Court with the Kids

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kate's return to the spotlight is now in full swing. Today, the Duchess paid a visit to the National Tennis Centre to visit with students partaking in the Lawn Tennis Association's training programs. This is one of Kate's more recent charities and it is very exciting to see her undertaking events for a cause in which she has always been very invested. 

In both her past pregnancies Kate has enjoyed a few hands on engagements with kids. When she was expecting George she bundled up in wellies and a baker boy hat to join scouts in the chilly woods of Cumbria.

During her pregnancy with Charlotte, she wore jeans and a comfy hoodie to a Beaver Scout meeting in London where she participated in a number of games and group activities.  

As the relatively new patron of the Lawn Tennis Association, it was particularly fun to see her today dressed in athletic wear and out playing with the kids on the court. Simon Perry, the chief royal correspondent for People, shared a bunch of really funs clips of Kate on working through various exercises:

If we've observed it once, we've observed it a million times. Kate is so great with kids. She clearly, genuinely enjoys their company, and they always seem very relaxed with her, too.

I think the dynamic is so perfect because Kate is a really conscientious mom, and these events give us a peek into what she is surely like with George and Charlotte. Warm, attentive, and affirming. She mentioned that she needed tips to coach George in tennis, because he just "wants to whack the ball." Can't you just imagine that? I can see him just sending ball after ball, willy nilly, into the woods by Anmer Hall. 

I liked this video because it has some other angles and an interview with Johanna Konta who is currently Britain's #1 and ranked 9th overall in the world! I think her tribute to Kate's passion underscores what a great cause this is for the princess to work on.

I guessed she'd come dressed more formally, so this was a big surprise for me! Kate recycled her very popular Monreal Tuxedo track pants and wore new Nike trainers. She debuted a new label, too, tennis company PlayBrace. Her black jacket is from the company, and a perusal of their stock list suggests Kate is probably wearing one of their tops, too.

The Monreals got their first wear in Scotland at Judy Murray's tennis camp! I am sure Kate was glad for them today as she is between sizes.

Most exciting for me, though, was seeing Kate's beautiful Kiki McDonough Grace topaz studs. Kate has been wearing these since before she married William and I know they are fan favorites! We haven't seen them for a long while now. 

Last week, several of you asked about Kate's new private secretary, Catherine Quinn, who took over after Rebecca Deacon's departure. She made her first appearance today with Kate. As many of you know, Ms. Quinn has a prestigious resume that includes leadership positions at Oxford, Middle Temple, and various charities. I have mixed feelings about her appointment to the job, but I don't think now is the time to jump in on that. It's a topic best suited to "Coffee & Kate" over the weekend, so swing back then!

The verdict is a win. It's nothing special fashion-wise, but it was nice to see Kate in athletic wear, which is unusual and a treat. It was a real win because it was Kate at her most genuine, and the engagement gave us that peek at what she probably looks like on a balmy day on the court in Norfolk with her kids, or at KP. Casual Kate is always a win. She has definitely started to put on that baby weight and her face has filled out as it does with each pregnancy, and she is absolutely glowing. She makes pregnancy look so good!

I am sure it was home to candy apples and lost of crafts with George and Charlotte, who are both old enough to enjoy all the excitement of Halloween! Do Brits do the whole trick or treat, or is that just an American thing? Happy Halloween to one and all! 

Poland/Germany Look-Back: Arrival in Warsaw

Saturday, October 28, 2017

It is time to circle back and review the tour of Poland and Germany that I followed, but was not able to blog about. We'll review one ensemble per post and I suspect they will spread out across the fall. Let's jump in with the first ensemble.

The What & The Why

This was the first day of the Cambridge family's visit to Poland and Germany in late summer of this year. It isn't explicitly headlined this way, but

New Engagement Scheduled for Kate

Thursday, October 26, 2017

As Kate eases back into public engagements, Kensington Palace has announced her first solo appearance since the pregnancy announcement. Kate will visit the Lawn Tennis Association on October 31st. It isn't clear how hands on the event will be. In times past, Kate has really thrown herself into the fun, as she did in Scotland in 2016 when she joined a group of kids participating in one of Judy Murray's clinics. 

Cambridges on Half-Term Holiday?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Poor Prince George has been experiencing his first tastes of real life. He started school on September 7 and Prince William said shortly after that George wasn't super excited about the every (week)day part of school. His montessori school in Norfolk was, of course, only a few days a week. Nevertheless, as he adapts to the rhythm of pesky imposed schedules, he also gets to enjoy the occasional reprieves. Thomas's Battersea is on half-term break this week, so Georgie has a little vacation time.

Of course, this also suggests that William and Kate have likely seized the perfect opportunity for a family holiday.

Kate Wears Philosophy Blazer for Coach Core

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Yesterday, Kate once again made a surprise appearance when she accompanied William and Harry to a Coach Core event. When I saw she was out yesterday morning I thought it might be time to start tracking William's schedule to anticipate these snap show-ups. 


Norway/Sweden Tour Announced

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We finally got our announcement this morning about the Cambridges' autumn travel plans, and the news is surprising! Kensington Palace announced that William will travel to Finland alone at the end of November, and that William and Kate together will tour Sweden and Norway in "early 2018." 

Richard Palmer reported that aides have said even if Kate is feeling better (which it looks like she is!), there is no possibility she can travel at that time. Since Kate traveled to New York City at approximately the same point when pregnant with Princess Charlotte,

Kate's Surprise Stop at Paddington Station in Orla Kiely

Monday, October 16, 2017

The best way to start a new week is with a new engagement showcasing Kate! William and Harry were due at Paddington Station this morning for a Paddington-themed Charities Forum event and happily, they didn't come alone.  To the surprise and delight of everyone, the Duchess of Cambridge joined her husband and brother-in-law, and she was absolutely glowing in a pink Orla Kiely dress.

Coffee & Kate: New Tour on the Horizon

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Well, it is Saturday and I have my coffee and am ready to chat about Kate! Snag your a.m. addiction and let's get started.  This morning there are a few fun stories and rumors that are of interest to us all. Yesterday, Emily Andrews shared more details on the rumor that (so long as Kate recovers sufficiently), the couple will undertake a fall tour/trip!

According to Emily, who has a very strong track record reading the royal tea leaves or ferreting out the inside scoop, William and Kate will "visit Norway and Sweden next month after Prince Harry visits Denmark." As I pointed out when Kate's pregnancy was announced, there is plenty of time in November, when Kate will almost surely be well again, for the couple to travel. We saw it when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte and I am very confident we will see them off on a visit again despite this pregnancy. That's the best news! On the other side of the spectrum of life...

Kate Returns to the Spotlight at Buckingham Palace Mental Health Reception

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kate is back and I don't know which of us looks more excited about it right now! The Princess made her come-back this evening wearing a Temperley dress in the blue and black colors of her mental health initiative Heads Together.

The What & The Why