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How to Watch Eugenie's Royal Wedding

Thursday, October 11, 2018

In May, many of us enjoyed watching Harry and Meghan's beautiful wedding ceremony at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. This month, we have a second royal wedding, as Princess Eugenie of York is due to marry Jack Brooksbank...tomorrow morning. Many of you have emailed me asking how to watch the wedding. There is good news and bad news.

First for the Brits among us... Apparently, Prince Andrews reached out to the BBC and asked them to broadcast the wedding. BBC turned the Duke down, because they reportedly felt the Yorks don't have enough of a following to create reasonable ratings on the wedding. I frankly think they underestimate the draw of a royal wedding, but to each his own. Britain's ITV jumped on board instead, and will air the ceremony and the carriage ride through Windsor.

For Americans...if you have cable you are set. TLC, that purveyor of all that is sweet and romantic (and maybe more than that, too) has brokered a deal to air Eugenie's wedding here in the United States. So, if TLC is part of your package, you can get ready to enjoy the wedding.

Happily, online options abound. The Royal Family's YouTube Channel will stream the wedding live here:

 See you in the morning! 


  1. Wow her dress is simply divine! She looks beautiful!! I've not thought her THAT pretty but WOW!! IF you had shown me both dresses I definitely would have reversed them. I would've said this was Meghan’s dress and Meghan's was Eugenie's!! Gorgeous!!

  2. To be fair, interest levels in the UK are super low. No one is talking about this wedding in the office; the streets are empty other than the immediate vicinity of the chapel door. Think this one is for super-royalists. The first photos are coming out...I love her wedding dress...second only to Kate's. Stunning structure and design. Bucking tradition with the absence of a veil. What a tiara.

  3. Stunning! So much to love about this wedding!

  4. Exactly what I'd think a traditional English wedding would be (in terms of the music, scripture choice, etc) I thought the dress was very pretty and suited Eugenie. It was interesting she chose to bare her scars too. (I know she has been active in promoting awareness of & treatment for scoliosis.) I was surprised she didn't wear Sarah's tiara. Maybe Sarah didn't hang on to it but I also think it would have looked too small with this particular dress since Eugenie chose not to wear a veil.

    The camera caught a woman seated in church wearing a hat that I thought rivaled the "pretzel hat" from the Cambridge wedding. It was three tall "stalks" of light blue feathers standing straight up. Did anyone else see that?

    1. Yes! The blue feather hat! Horrible. The commentators said that the tiara was her "something borrowed" from HM. I thought it was so gorgeous. I really loved the service in this wedding. So traditional and the music from the Royal Philharmonic and that wonderful choir were fantastic. Then the sublime with Andrea Bocelli singing Avé Maria and Panis Angelicus! I can't wait to see the photos and I'm sure Jane will supply us with a post!

    2. The service really was lovely. I also liked that Eugenie's bouquet was not so tiny. I know "nosegay" bouquets are common these days but I like bridal bouquets to be a bit bigger. A larger bouquet seems to be more in balance to me especially when the gown has a long train.

  5. Beautiful dress---train rather reminiscent of Catherine's wedding dress.
    Children lovely.
    The Cambridge Nanny seems to be becoming the general royal wedding one who sorts out the children--today she was dishing out their posies.
    Loved Catherine's outfit, though they hurried inside , so didn't get too much of a view

  6. Eugenie looked happy and beautiful. Great dress. Very bold/fun tiara.
    Kate looked amazing! Great dress - color, cut - and hat!


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