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The Cambridge Family at the Palladium for a Christmas Show

Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Cambridges have been doing a phenomenal job of boosting morale and bringing some Christmas cheer to 2020’s less than festive holiday season.  Their train tour of the UK, culminating in an appearance outside Windsor castle with the Queen, Charles and Camilla, Sophie and Edward, and Anne (all the senior royals fit to be on display🙄), was absolutely lovely. Now, they've added even more fun for royal watchers by attending an event with their children. 

The two brought all three of their darling children to a pantomime performance at London's Palladium Theatre last night. This was another event to thank critical workers and their families who have labored during the pandemic. 

The little Cambridges all looked very confident walking the red carpet with their parents. I can’t believe how George has shot up, and Louis still has that deeply-interested-in-everything look that is so cute. Charlotte always seems the most confident and knowing of these three, too. Several shots show her giving the cameras her little grin. She definitely knows she is a princess. 

Kate was wearing a new Alessandra Rich dress and carrying Smythson’s Ludlow Concertina Crossbody bag. She added sparkle with Simone Rocha pearl earrings and a Maya Torque bangle. I have said this before (although maybe it was in a post I never published), but I love, love, love Halcyon Days’ Maya Torque bracelets. They are so much like David Yurman’s bracelets, but much cheaper. Some are even more feminine and pretty than Yurman's. I was just telling my brother this week that the Maya Torque would be a good gift for my sister-in-law (his wife), although I don’t think he is going to go with that suggestion. All I can do is try. ;-)

Kate’s ensemble was so, so pretty. Although I have a certain fatigue with the midi-dresses (as many of us do, I think), something about the Alessandra Rich designs Kate wears always feels fresh and stylish. The bodice is always fitted well, she gets the length right, but there is something more. I think it is the cut that gives the dresses a streamlined, flattering, and modern silhouette, and then Rich also adds unusual and pretty details, like the ruffled collar on this dress. Whatever mix of magic it is, I think her dresses are a smash success and outclass the cookie-cutter L.K. Bennetts that Kate loves. 

The photos from inside the event were super sweet, too. Charlotte knows how to whisper, that is clear from several photos. 

I am sure Kate reminded them they had to whisper in the theatre.  

It was great to see a red carpet event during these crazy times, and lovely that William and Kate decided to make it a family event and bring their children. From the start of the pandemic, William and Kate have really led the Royal Family through the crisis. As I mentioned months ago, it is important for leaders to be visible and confident and they've done extraordinarily well in that respect. 


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